Europe has always been at the center of our international and global client work. Since establishing our office in London in 2003 we have grown to 35 people serving Europe. In the heart of a truly global and diverse city, our London office has enabled us not only to serve European clients but has also been a key part of our overall global strategy. Our client base is diverse with strong representation from power generation, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, aerospace, building materials, oil and gas and high tech. In addition our base in London enables us to greatly expand our educator network drawing on top faculty, facilitators, practitioners, executive coaches and non-traditional educators from Europe.

The Duke Corporate Education Global HR Directors Fellowship  

Increasing levels of change and volatility are both opportunities and challenges for forward-thinking HR leaders grappling with topics like the strategic role of HR; talent development, leadership and learning; and HR transformation. The Global HR Directors Fellowship brings together 20 HR leaders and Duke Corporate Education experts in an interactive learning experience. The Fellowship:

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The Human Difference – A Recap of the 22 March 2018 Capstone Event

Organisations, executives and the people they lead face new types of opportunities and dilemmas – issues that are driven by the rise of digital networks, cultural disruption, and stresses both for people and ecosystems.

This situation is one that is directly addressed by Duke Corporate Education’s purpose – preparing leaders for what’s next – and it provided the context for the annual event “The Human Difference – Reimagining Leadership and the Future of Work”. Bringing leaders of learning, strategy, HR and technology together with expert practitioners, the event explored the kind of world that is emerging, and the implications for leaders and organisations.



Jeremy Kourdi, Client Director – Europe
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Mimi Armstrong, Director of Business Development – Europe
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Adam Kingl, Regional Managing Director, Europe

Adam Kingl is Regional Managing Director for Duke Corporate Education, based in London. He leads Duke CE’s business in Europe and works with clients on some of their most fundamental opportunities and challenges, including purpose, culture, adaptability and innovation.  As a teacher, author and advisor, Adam is passionate about the subject of “leadership for what’s next” and is writing a book on this topic, titled “Next Generation Leadership” to be published by Harper Collins in January 2020.


Sharmla Chetty, President, Africa & Global Managing Director, Europe & Africa

Sharmla is the Global Head of Europe and Africa for Duke Corporate Education and serves on the board for Duke Corporate Education Africa.  She leads the client relationship management, advisory work, and the building of client organizations’ strategic capacity and capabilities. She has experience working in a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, and mining and in various regions, including Africa, China, Europe and India.

phone: +27 11 575 6241


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