Duke CE has been a part of the African continent for over nine years, having opened our Johannesburg office in 2008. We quickly came to realize that South Africa, and the broader continent, offered a wide range of opportunities – both to educate and to learn. Our presence in Africa is now two-fold. We work locally with South African clients, spanning industries including financial, government, automotive, and extraction, and we also deliver customised education across the continent to African and global clients. Our presence is headquartered in Johannesburg with about 20 staff members, and we have a strong network of partners across the continent, including in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

As both a global and local company, we are well-positioned to have continental reach, tapping into our ground-level expertise, while at the same time, leveraging our global scale and best practices of our business. We join local insights to cutting-edge global thinking to create truly customized programs designed to local contexts. With experience in some 30 African countries, we deliver our education in-country, at a immersive level, rather than bringing participants into a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Africa is certainly an economic growth story with its resources, burgeoning business, and growth rates, but we believe its biggest story is yet to be written by unlocking the talents of its people. Duke CE is well-placed and excited to join in that journey.

Programme Offerings

Sharmla Chetty, President, Africa & Global Managing Director, Europe & Africa

Sharmla is the President for Africa and Global Managing Director for Europe and Africa for Duke Corporate Education and serves on the board for Duke Corporate Education Africa.  She leads client development, advisory work, and the building of client organizations’ strategic capacity and capabilities. She has experience working in a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, and mining and in various regions, including Africa, China, Europe and India. Read an opinion piece on the fourth industrial revolution from Sharmla in The Independent Online.

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Client Stories

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News & Media

HR Lessons on the Scientific Secrets of Timing
“It is time South African companies reviewed outdated practices that are a hangover from the last Industrial Revolution.” Following the Davos of Human Capital Event in South Africa, Sharmla Chetty writes about the complex and diverse employment landscape in South Africa and the lessons organizations can learn about timing.

CNBC Video Features Duke CE South Africa


Julia Cook

Director, Network Development Africa
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